Why Choose Us?

Our mission is to continue to help and encourage the Denver Metro and Aurora communities to add healthy and nutritious foods by providing easy access to nourishing juice blends that are delicious, healthy, and abundant in vitamins and minerals that can help regulate many health problems. Life Tree Juice blends are fun, easy, and rewarding to drink. By providing easy access to juice blends, we help our customers and our community build awareness of the damage that many sugary products create in our bodies and help fight the obesity and diabetes epidemic in our children and families.

Our ultimate goal is to be able to fund a program in our schools that can help low-income families have access to organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods blended into juices making it appetizing, tasty, and healthy for children and their families to ingest. By doing this, these families would not only be able to get an abundance of nutrients, but also help fight obesity, diabetes, and many other emotional and mental health problems affecting an alarming number of children and adults. We can build stronger and healthier communities if we start with our children. Our children are the future of tomorrow. Let's sow today what we want to harvest tomorrow.

About Us

Edith Hernandez


Life Tree Juices Blends are healthy and delicious juice blends made with fresh and organic ingredients. Designed with creativity to create tasty blends that can satisfy and fulfill all tastebuds while providing excellent nutrients to nourish and keep our customers healthy, radiant, and energized.

Life tree Juices provides an easy and healthy lifestyle that allows all of our customers to maintain a balanced diet. Keeping in mind that not everyone has the time and passion to make healthy blends every day, Life Tree Juice Blends makes it an easy and affordable transition for our customers to invest their time in their families, career, and the things they love to do; all while staying healthy. 


We can be found outside of the Vasa Fitness Gym in Aurora or you can find our product online at www.lifetreejuicesblends.com


15200 E. Colfax Ave Aurora, CO 80011

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